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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  January 14, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> oakland city leaders will make a major announcement. good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. they will take steps to get help fighting crime in the wake of a rash of violence since friday when nine shoot spring -- shootings have been killed. four have died. and now, amy? >> kristen, this is where a three-year-old was shot to death in 2011. the community was outraged. a mural is dedicated to him. today, the community is outraged again. the police chief and the mayor will leave downtown and come to international boulevard and hold a press conference in front of the mural and address the violence this weekend. >> there are high hopes
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throughout the community that significant change will be announced at the press conference. the police chief and mayor will address the violent weekend. four were shot to death on friday. 11 were shot over the week end. they all survived. >> there is a public safety crisis in oakland. >> the police union president is hoping to hear more resources are directed to the police department. >> we are close to 600 officers and more than 200 less than we were a couple of years ago. we have seen the ensuing violence much. >> i look forward to a clear direction for my police cef. >> the new city council says if the chief says it is time to bring in the national guard that is what the city should do. >> everyone in the city of oakland is serious and will not tolerate this. we are looking for action. that has been made very clear to our police chief. there is no more talk about it making excuses or explaining. we want action from his officers and from him as the leader of the police department.
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>> we hope they have a solution about crime. hopefully, they can get the word out we need to stop the violence. >> june lives in oakland. she hears the gun shots. she worries about her two sons. she, too, will watch for results from the announcement. >> i will want to get out here and get out there and stop the violence by myself but i am just one person. i want them to stop. >> some in city government are calling a state of emergency be declared in oakland to free up resources from the state. we will hear what the mayor and the police chief say about this at the press conference here at 12:45. abc7 will cover it so stay with us as this story develops. live in oakland for abc7 news. >> thank you very much. the teenager arrested for shooting a classmate at a high school is charged as an adult.
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the prosecution says the 16-year-old oliver faces attempted murder and other charges for shooting another student at taft union high last thursday. the victim is recovering after being shot in the chest and abdomen. a teacher and counselor are credited as heros for talking the suspect into giving up before more shootings took place. >> police in santa cruz are searching for a man who grab add 12-year-old girl while walking home if school on friday. police released this sketch of the suspect based on what the victim told them. the suspect was last seen running up a flight of stairs and someone took this photo of the suspect. the santa cruz police would like anyone with information to call. >> an audit in san francisco shows an agency is taking time and a half to a new level. muni paid more over time than any other city department. you will not believe how much overtime a couple of employees logged. we are at the station.
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>> muni paid more overtime than the fire department and police department in san francisco last year. they went $18 million over their budget. get this, some employees took home more man $100,000 in overtime pay alone. an overhaul of the train control system was needed to make service more streamlined and reliable. the overnight work and double shifts by a few specialized employees let some get double overtime, doubling their salaries. >> it is requires you work a full day and then a full night. it is hard work. it is something that has to be done. >> one mechanic logged 1,954 hours of overtime at $83.85 an hour. with $163,000 in overtime the base salary of $106,000 jumped to $293,000.
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>> i want do change my job. >> any openings? >> these days it is tough to see that happen but especially when you are looking for jobs. >> in 2012 fiscal year the agency paid $55.7 million in overtime which is $18 million over budget. ten supervisors made more than $100,000 in overtime. some muni riders think it is bad financial planning or lack thereof. >> i am astonished. my sneeze amy my -- my niece is a driver and it is not being spread out. >> they are closely monitoring overtime now and working to minimize it. >> we expected overtime to be $52 million. at this point, this year, we expect it to be $42 million. that is 20 percent reduction. >> muni spokesman said further curbing of the overtime they are training more people to do more jobs so when emergencies arise
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one person is not doing all the work and getting astronomical overtime. >> president obama is warning congress to act now on raising the debt ceiling or face an economy that could go haywire in a few months. the president held the last news conference of the first term focusing on the economy and calling on congress to allow more borrowing authority up against the debt ceiling. >> raising the debt ceiling does not authorize us to spend more. all it does is say that america will pay its bills. we are not a deadbeat nation. >> house republicans want spending cuts as part of a deal to lift the debt ceiling. without an agreement the country has until around march 1 before it may not be able to meet financial obligations. >> today is the one month
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anniversary of the deadly school shooting in newtown, connecticut. in washington, bay area members are among the group of democrats meeting with vice president biden about gun control. the vice president could turn over his proposals to president obama as early as tomorrow. >> a month ago today, the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary school shocked the nation. and re-ignited a fierce battle over america's relationship with guns. tomorrow, vice president biden will recommend a robust gun control game plan to president obama including stronger background checks for all gun purchases, a ban on high capacity magazine clips, and a renewed ban on assault weapons. >> my starting point is not to worry about the politics but to focus on what makes sense. what works. >> it is going to be a nasty fight. >> we don't think any of those things work. >> a confident n.r.a. president said on cnn they will win.
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>> do you think you have enough support on capitol hill to keep an assault weapons ban from passing? >> right now we do. >> after sandy hook elementary school, polls showed a majority of americans favored stricter gun control. that may not translate into action on capitol hill. nearly 300 members of congress have an a rating from the n.r.a. for opposition to all gun control measures. with just the threat of stricter laws looming, many americans are rushing to stock up on weapons and ammunition. as the gun control debate heats up in statehouses and in washington, the still grieving parents are debating what does do with sandy hook elementary school. >> knocking down the school is knocking down the memories of the children. >> knock it down and make it sacred ground. >> the white house has signaled if the congress does not act the president willutive ode enraging gun rights advocates. >> developing news: the first president george bush is out of
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the houston hospital where he has been since november. a spokesman said the 88-year-old was released from methodist hospital this morning. he was admitted two months ago but doctors have worked to keep him from getting pneumonia. he was in intensive care for a week because of a persistent fever. still ahead this could be the day disgraced cyclist lance armstrong comes clean. will
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>> happening now, lance armstrong is apologizing to the staff of the charity he founded to fight cancer just before he sits down with oprah for a no holds bar interview today. the seven time winner of the tour de france was stripped of the title under evidence collected by the antidoping agency. armstrong is expected to admit for the first time that he engaged in doping and to apologize for the decade-long scandal while he road for the postal service team. the interview will air on thursday on the "o" network. >> "good morning america" co-host robin roberts will return in february. the tests look good in the battle with mds and says going back to work will be like an athlete going through training
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camp. >> get up. go to the studio. have makeup and hair. well, makeup. we will talk about the hair player. get dressed. get prepared for the show. i will not go on the air next week. my doctors want me to see how many people i come in contact with and how my body reacts to the "stimulation" or stress of the studio. >> she will follow the doctors' advice on when she runs to work. >> she looks beautiful just like that. >> speaking of looking good, look who is here. nice to have you! >> nice to be back. nice to fill in for mike on a beautiful sunny day as you can see from our like shot outside. we have clear skies. but we have cool numbers. the seven-day outlook is coming up. >> thank you. what really happened to natalie wood? the coroner releases new information in her death.
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>> keeping track of who your kids talk to
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> there is new information this morning on why the coroner changed the death certificate of san francisco-born actress natalie wood. the original 1981 certificate said she drowned in the water off catalina island where she
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was yachting with her husband robert wagner and christopher walken. today the coroner released an amended report explaining why they changed the death certificate last year to stay "drowning and other undetermined factors." it is because an autopsy showed she had unexplained bruising on her upper body but this wasn't enough evidence to determine if anyone else was determined if the death. >> you need to monitor your teen's online activists but a study speaks to why it is extra important for girls. researchers studied girls ages 14 to 17 and found 30 percent met in person at least one individual who they first met online and 20 percent reported some online sexual solicitation. half the girls were victims of abuse or neglect. that group is more prone to higher risk internet behavior. >> a program to make it safer for kids to walk or bicycle to school is working in the biggest city in new york, the safe routes to school program is in effect in many cities including
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here in the bay area. columbia university researchers evaluated new york's program and found injuries to pedestrians age 5 to 19 dropped 44 percent in neighborhoods using it. it uses traffic and pedestrian signals and speed bumps and pedestrian crossing times to reduce accidents. the research is published in online journal of pediatrics. >> california citrus growers report the cold damaged their crops after four nights of freezing temperatures working around the clock to keep the tens from dipping below 28 in the orange and lemon groves. the damage is in the western san joaquin valley where temperatures fell to 25 degrees last night, damaging some orange crops which are more vulnerable to the cold than other varieties. >> will we keep the cold around? >> we are. it is likely the national weather service will issue another freeze warning tonight for tomorrow morning. we do have a lot of sunshine in
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store today. here is a beautiful live shot from emeryville looking out toward the golden gate bridge with clear sky, light wind, that will bring the temperatures down tonight. another live shot this time from mount tamien, a slight breeze from the northeast. winds are light today. live doppler 7 hd showing clear skies all around the bay area as it sweeps from mt. st. helena bringing cool temperatures. we are still in the 40's. antioch is 42. santa rosa is 43. 46 in san francisco and 45 in san jose. low 40's in gilroy and santa cruz. we will be sunny and cool today with chilly temperatures tonight possibly through wednesday morning. then we have warmer temperatures by the end of the week,
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something to look forward to. what you can expect for today is just below 50's for the most part, 51 in san francisco. antioch is not making it there to 49 for a high. livermore, too, and a high of 52 in san jose. more 50's through watsonville and gilroy. tonight, again, get ready for a possible freeze warning. especially in the valleys and east bay valley. lows in santa rosa is 28. napa is 29. chilly in overnight in livermore with a loaf 26. san francisco is at 41 and 31 in san jose. we have a cool air mass moving east. it brought chilly temperatures identify the week. we will be dry all week. we will see milder temperatures toward the end of the week.
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we will be slightly above normal. if you have wondered how cold we have been, we are four to seven degrees cooler than normal. usually around this type of year we are in the upper 50's. today we will experience the low 50's. the accweather seven-day outlook show as lot of sunshine. dry all week. temperatures will be climbing into the 60's starting on thursday. it looks like we see more warmer weather above average on friday and saturday. we have no rain. we do have a lot of sunshine. >> a dry but cold january. >> last night on kimmel like, he had some fun at the expense of former governor arnold schwarzenegger. he had a good joke including talking about it is a big deal that california was $25 billion in debt two years ago and now we are $1.5 billion in the black. what does he say?
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>> it is a big achievement for the governor, this governor, jerry brown. >> he said you can get a lot done when you are not saying "i'll be back" all the time. >> jimmy kimmel lives weeknights right here at the new time following abc7 news at 11 and the abc "nightlight" comes on right after jimmy. >> jodie foster creates a load of buzz last before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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>> coming up today on "katie" a berkeley student who says her parents sold her into sexual slavery at the age seven. she has star power helping her out as an advocate. >> eating too much fast food is not just making kids overweight but it is catching. >> how oakland will move forward and deal with deadly violence. that is at abc7 at 4:00 and 5:00. >> and jodie foster referenced her sexual orientation for the first time. >> i did my coming out a thousand years ago back in the stone age. those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family
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and co-workers and gradually, proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met. but, now, i am told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a prime time reality show. >> she received an award. and the publicist said she is not retiring despite refusing comments at the end of her speech last night. >> best picture brought another surprise at the golden globe awards. >> the golden globe goes to... to..."argo." the iran hostage thriller beat out "lincoln" and "zero dark thirty" and ben affleck got best director. big deal there. other winners including "les miserables" and chastain for
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"zero dark thirty" and best act report in a drama, daniel day-lewis in "lincoln." you can watch the oscars live sunday, february 24, right hire on abc7. >> if all of us here, thanks for joining us. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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